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Foundation of Animal Protaction in Füzesabony

Type:Animal protection organizationCounty:Heves
Practice euthanasia:NoTown:Füzesabony
Tax number:18590290-1-10
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Bank account:10402214-00020979-00000005 (K&H Bank)
E-mail address:zsanella@gmail.comStreet:
Web site: Postal code:3390
Adoptable pets:
to adoption:
In case of an adaption we ask for the amount that has been spent on the animal's medical care (vaccinations, vermifuge, anti-flea drops). We would like to follow the life of these animals and make sure that they are well therefore we also require a telephone number and the home address of the "adoptive father".
More Information:The Foundation of Animal Protection in Füzesabony was brought to life oficially in 2007; until then we were doing this job for years without having any registered Foundation. We are entitled for the 1% of tax from the year 2010. If you would like to know further informations about us, please visit our website: and our english Facebook site: Videos can be found on YoutubeVideos of the dogs can be found on Youtube. On the link bellow you just have to search for the name of a specific dog to find the related videos. Youtube channel:

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